🎯 Research Goal(s)

Wellbeing Commons R&D

🤝 Key Partners

<aside> 💡 Who are the key partners needed to make the business model work?


UMD iSchool

Weave Your Legacy

open.ly (open, large-scale collaboration)



The Venus Project

Festival of Maintenance

Deep Medicine

All of Us (use cases)


National Library of Medicine

Apple (HealthKit)

NYT columnist (Diagnosis: crowdsourcing)

social support agencies

Design for Dance - movement 1st habit

✅ Key Activities

<aside> 💡 What are the most important activities required to make the research model work?



user research

publishing findings


🧰 Key Resources

<aside> 💡 What are the most important assets required to make the research model work?


the "crowd"

prior academic works

wellbeing repositories

standards (FHIR)

expansive Toolbox

research team

🎁 Value Proposition

<aside> 💡 What are the problems that we are tying to solve for beneficiary segments?


disruption of status quo

democratization / equal access

bespoke recommendations

data ownership


personal transformation


presence the possibility of sharing partial starting points for synthesis in a social commons

Anchoring Your Wellbeing 5 Advisory

societal transformation / "a world that works"

Wellbeing 5 Advisory

♥️ Beneficiary Relationship

<aside> 💡 What types of relationships do we create with our beneficiaries?


research volunteers

Get: personal knowledge graph/wiki: Anchoring Your Wellbeing 5 Advisory

Keep: Bespoke Recommendations

Grow: proactive delivery of resources (powered by AI)

📢 Channels

<aside> 💡 How do we reach our beneficaries and let them know about the applications of our research?



iPad autobio app


👥 Beneficiary Segments

<aside> 💡 Who are our beneficiaries and why would they apply our research?



undiagnosed patients

burnt out people

sedentary people



coaches (often small businesses!)

individuals committed to holistic personal growth & development

💸 What We Give