First Step

EXERCISE: Create your Wellbeing 5 Resource Map (PDF)

Upon crafting your resource map, you have, at minimum, identified 5 tribes who each contain candidate advisors. You have one additional, overarching tribe representing the Wellbeing 5 framework to keep advisors holistically connected.

Your work now is to dive into the work of the 5 tribes you’ve identified.

If you get stuck

If you found yourself having trouble identifying 5 tribes or need a nudge for a particular element, below are 5 tribes to explore.

You are free to shape your advisory however way you wish.


👉🏼 Remember, The 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing is not a linear process - jump into any element that calls to you:

  1. Physical - Wellness By Design
  2. Purpose - Business Model You Cheatsheet
  3. Social - Emergent Partnerships
  4. Finance - Crowdfunding (BOLD 12-step cheatsheet)
  5. Community - Creating Leadership


(Each artifact correlates with each exercise above numbered respectively)

(remember, these are just examples to help make things less abstract and more concrete)

  1. Map of your wellness practices: Wellness Map
  2. Your personal business model: Personal Business Model (currently private, see current model in next bullet)
  3. Partnership page: ‣ (private, request permission)