<aside> 💡 This section of the Internal Wikipedia was created in 2021 by the Techfugees volunteer community is used to knowledge share how responsible digital tech innovations can empower inclusion of displaced persons. It forms the basis of selection criteria to highlight catalyst humanitarian innovations and key grass-roots project initiatives being accelerated for scale by the Techfugees global community using the open platform Basefugees. It is a collaborative and evolutive knowledge basis, don't hesitate to add resources inside !


Collective, human and inclusive innovation that empowers forcibly displaced persons worldwide

Techfugees is a volunteer-led international non-profit collective that brings together cross-sector organisations and the humanitarian sector to combine innovation, insight and inclusion to advance refugees’ rights and equitable access to public services through technology across international markets. We call this blend: ‘i-cubed’.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, i-cubed is a collective catalyst that places displaced persons at the heart of everything Techfugees does to uplift the lives of those who are unheard, invisible and excluded towards betterment in empowering their inclusion to participate in the society.

  1. We accelerate Innovation through collaborative implementation and technical support of digital products and services providing access to education, information, healthcare, employment and fostering participation in society of marginalized communities.
  2. We research to collect Insights and create open data platforms that supports the ethics behind our guiding principles whilst elevating those unheard displaced voices to the forefront to amplify their experience.
  3. We orchestrate Inclusion programs to provide digital upskilling and access to work opportunities for the tech sector to tap undiscovered digital talent amongst displaced people to foster socio-economic growth in their new communities.

8 Guiding Principles following years of orchestrating innovation hackathons and open-events across 25 countries with and for displaced persons.

W****ithin the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Techfugees Guiding Principles represents a open best practice guide supporting the digital tech community of innovators, entrepreneurs and corporates to accelerate responsible digital #Tech4all innovations, developed for & by displaced persons, that empower their inclusion in digital society.**

They assert that harnessing the power of digital tech innovation in a responsible way framed by a set of ethical principals and values can break down the barriers for refugees and displaced persons to have equitable access to digital content, resources and support in presenting opportunities to enable their inclusion to contribute to digital society for long-term betterment.

The Guiding Principles guide the collective actions by the Techfugees global community working towards a shared common purpose to leverage digital tech innovations to empower inclusion of displaced persons (see the public information on our website)

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1. Working with (and not only for and about) displaced persons (#HumanCenteredDesign, #Co-creation)

2. From tech user to tech empowered (#Empowerment)

3. Don’t collect data for data’s sake (#DataGovernance #Dataprivacy #Transparency)

4. Sharing is caring (#Opensource)

5. Because we are all in this together (#InclusiveTech #Tech4all)

6. Good intentions are great to start but sustainability is the key to real impact (#Sustainability)