<aside> 💡 This notion was created in 2021 by Techfugees community of volunteers to learn more about how to create responsible tech projects empowering displaced persons. These are the criteria we use to select the projects we are supporting worldwide through our platform Basefugees. It is a collaborative and evolutive knowledge basis, don't hesitate to add resources inside !


8 Guiding Principles based on years running hackathons and open-innovation events in 25 countries with and for displaced persons.

**These principles enable us to work towards supporting #Tech4refugees projects built for & by displaced persons within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They assert our strong belief that technology can have a long-term positive impact on refugees and displaced persons only if they are guided by a set of ethical principles and values. These Guiding Principles are here to guide our collective action towards a shared goal: to create technology that empowers displaced persons around the world. (see the public information on our website)

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1. Working with (and not only for and about) displaced persons (#HumanCenteredDesign, #Co-creation)

2. From tech user to tech empowered (#Empowerment)

3. Don’t collect data for data’s sake (#DataGovernance #Dataprivacy #Transparency)

4. Sharing is caring (#Opensource)

5. Because we are all in this together (#InclusiveTech #Tech4all)

6. Good intentions are great to start but sustainability is the key to real impact (#Sustainability)

7. Integration isn’t just about challenges of refugees, it is a (very) political battle too (#HumanRightsBasedApproach)

8. Tech is just a tool (#NoSolutionism)

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