In the process of building technology with and for refugees and displaced persons, aim to make your targeted users not only beneficiaries of your technology, but aim to build it with them and make them co-creators.

By offering them the opportunity to make revenue or learn something new through the use of your tech, they not only benefit from the services your product offers, the refugees and displaced persons become empowered advocates of your technology.

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👣 Concrete examples from #tech4refugees projects:

"We stand strongly against gatekeeping information and we are actively working to promote our information campaigns about phone care and repair at our sessions. While the people we support are limited in resources, and we are also limited in the services we can provide, by offering transparent advice in a multitude of languages, we can give greater agency to allow the communities we support to be tech empowered." Refugee info Bus, France

👎🏼 Examples of displaced persons being used as "guinea pigs" to test new technologies

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