What works at empowering displaced populations could be used to help other vulnerable populations, like homeless people or unemployed youth.

Building technology for refugees should contribute to the development of the entire community: it does not exacerbate inequality or harm any member of society, we always seek to help as many as possible.


TECH4ALL means that new technologies should leave no one behind. What we do in tech should not only benefit displaced persons, but anyone who needs it (unemployed, women, homeless, old people etc.).

Technology can be an asset to a lot of vulnerable people, not only displaced persons: see beyond the traditional boundaries.

Technology for displaced persons does not have to be built from scratch: look at already existing tech tools.

Technology needs to be inclusive and empowering: keep in mind that all actors in the society are concerned by the digital era.

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👣 Concrete examples from #tech4refugees projects:

Ex 1: DOCTOR X: This app aims at saving time for doctors with pre-registered refugee patients’ files & immediate translation of health data. This innovation, which saves a lot of time, could actually benefit anyone and not only refugees.

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