"What the inventive genius of mankind has bestowed upon us... could have made human life care free and happy if the development of the organizing power of man had been able to keep step with his technical advances." — Albert Einstein, Berlin, September 4, 1931

Human Systems is about "redesigning social systems around human values and meaningful lives". As it says in Our Mission, "We need new local and global systems... that work together to support 11 billion people with meaningful lives at zero carbon. New forms of architecture, politics, economics, land ownership, agriculture, etc."

It comes down to a simple (but very large) task—we must replace the western "social stack".

The Social Stack*

How do we replace all of this with something new?




Our Work

Human Systems provides infrastructure for this work. This involves coordinating and funding research (via the Turtleocracy and HS Web of Questions), it involves testing new institutional ideas in various settings (via the Test Network).

And it involves keeping everyone abreast of the state of the art in: