The School for Social Design

Reshape your current design work / activities

We believe the best way to learn is by applying our materials directly to your life and work, and our curriculum is woven into the details of what you're already doing. read more »

Learn with a personal guide

You have a personal guide who understands your current design projects, life activities, etc—and structures our course around them, meeting you each week to make adjustments. read more »

Transform your personal life

As you go through the course, you'll learn about what's meaningful to you, which can transform your personal life and relationships. And part of your guide's job is to find you collaborators that last beyond the course. read more »

Build a better future

A common cause of current crises (in ecosystems, global economics, media, etc) is that systems are designed around metrics besides life meaning. We teach a clear, actionable alternative. read more »

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Values-Based Social Design: a Textbook

A free textbook on social design and values-based metrics.

For designers of social systems: ****systems made of people, where there are codified and mutually understood roles and responsibilities. These designs can range from dinner table conversation games to social networks and global governance structures.

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Meaning Supplies

A place to review and to share social practices. Like Wikipedia or WikiHow, but for social things—from party games to meeting formats, from voting structures to org structures.

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