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The Six Pillars

The basis and guiding principle on how I carry out work associated with resource planning.  This is also the approach that I would generally take when either consulting or implementing a new team/Department in the Planning and Insight space.

Planning Creation of Capacity Plans for all elements of the business. Creating understanding and true view mechanics of FTE. Implementing industry standard methodologies to support full business understanding of capacity, with emphasis on 'what-if' scenario modelling.

Knowledge Maintaining and improving Knowledge Base/Management focusing on accessibility. Alongside this defining a clear roadmap for improving our overall strategy and delivery of knowledge access and capture for the organisation introducing a clear strategic Knowledge Strategy.

Insight Most businesses hold an extensive amount of high-quality data but lack the mechanisms for insight reporting. Immediate implementation of insight building will begin – Volume Forecasts, FTE Forecasting, Attrition/Absence Forecasting and a complete rework of Executive Dashboards. Elemental reporting will be created to understand failure points as many metrics do not provide insight to the root cause.

Quality Creation of quality measures where appropriate with a crossover to support audit functions. Measuring input/output quality, not just task/case quality to understand internal inefficiency points. Supporting wider operations to implement a more standard view of quality control and quality drivers.

Visuals Visuals – We will bring visual standardisation to reporting, with the ideas behind the quality of life and template style used. MI/KPI dashboards will be developed for all elements of the business (matching Capacity Plans) from CEO to site level to provide at a glance MI to help in the decision-making process. Of course, there are normally great data sets available thanks to the hard work of many people, we will be looking at how we can invigorate and stylise this appropriately to support the wider business.

Process Insightful MI and Quality should support targeted process improvement.  Instigating extremely clear and detailed process improvement MI to show what, where, when, how and why. Proactive improvement work often starts with making sure the right people sit around the table.


The Six Pillars provide a framework for not just understanding but improving the planning and insight processes of an organisation. By introducing detailed measures for quality control and visuals to support decision making, the Six Pillars will help to ensure that the right processes are in place to support improvement. Additionally, the implementation of a Knowledge Strategy will ensure that the organisation has access to the right information, at the right time, in the right way. Finally, the use of forecasting, planning, and performance metrics will help to provide a clear understanding of capacity to support the overall strategy.

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