Workwell can be used efficiently to promote local businesses and share good nearby offers and promo codes with your community. Two core Workwell features are used for this:

Maintaining a list of deals

The Content Editor is used to create and maintain a list of active deals and promo codes. Head of to the Admin Panel, go to the Service tab and select the Deals service. Then open the Content Editor, and start creating the pages for your deals. These pages can contain images showcasing the product or merchant, as well as text with the details of the offer, links to websites, phone numbers and more.

If you wish to group your deals according to types, you can do so using page categories. For instance, you may want to group deals like:

and in each category, list the relevant places or offers.

For an in-depth walkthrough of the Content Editor features, check out the following:

Content Editor

Notifying of special offers

Sometimes, you may want to highlight a deal and notify your community of a short term promotion. In order to achieve that, you can broadcast a message containing the deal content straight to users' inbox. You may target specific users by broadcasting the message to specific sites.

End users at the selected buildings will then be notified with a message in their inbox:

A note on Search

All content created with the Workwell content editor is indexed for search. This means that from the Workwell in-app search, Deals pages will show up in the search results on matching keywords.