How to broadcast messages to all users of a site using the Message Composer.

In the Admin Panel, a new Messages tab has been introduced, giving you access to the Message Composer:

Selecting the sender

When you broadcast a message, you need to pick a sender. This can be any of the activated services which have broadcasting capabilities, such as Deals or Emergency Notifications.

When the message is received in the user's inbox on Workwell, it will appear as if it was sent by the service:

Selecting the recipients

Next, select the recipients of the message. This can be all users within your organisation, or one or more specific sites.

Composing the message

The text editor accepts plain text, headings and images.


To create a heading, hover the mouse over the editor region. You will see a menu appearing on the right. Click it to reveal the heading button:

Click on "H", and you can start composing your heading text.


You may also include images in a message. To do so, simply drag and drop the image into the editor region.