The Content Editor is used for creating rich content to share with your community, such as company information, deals, nearby places, onboarding and other useful information.

A classical Workwell service requires setting up a webpage, hosting it on your own premises, and obtaining a service token that gives access to the Workwell SDK for features such as user authentication and message posts. However, for simple features such as sharing informational pages, you may now use the Content Editor, which allows you to share rich content with your community without any additional set up. Simply create a page and start sharing it with your users.

Use the Content Editor to:

Typical use cases where the Content Editor can be helpful are:

Accessing the Content Editor

Head over the to Admin Panel, and go to a service that supports the Content Editor, such as Deals and Handbook. Click the "Open Content Editor" button.

Creating a page

In the content editor, click the "Create Page" button. This will bring up a modal screen where you can specify the page title, icon, and visibility rules:

The page icon should be 250 by 250 pixels in size.

Using the content editor

Once the page has been created, the content editor will open. It supports plain text, headings and images.