Coaching Rates

My standard monthly rate is $6,000 / month for every-other week sessions. If we both feel like it’s a terrific fit but the price gets in the way, then I rarely let that be the reason we don’t work together. Sessions can be 60-90 minutes—it’s up to you. In addition to sessions, you can text, email, and we can do SOS calls when called for. If you’d like to understand how that compares to other coaches, check out CEO Executive Coach Compensation Benchmarks.

360° Feedback Rates

We can do asyncronous, survey-based 360° feedback at any time as part of our work together. If you’d like to do the premium version of 360° feedback, where I interview 4-10 people on your team and in your life, summarize the feedback and share it with you, then I can put together a package for you.

Off-Sites Rates