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Business Model You (Template) (developed in Notion)


If you feel overwhelmed - you may wish to model the process I am discovering during shelter:

  1. Personal Business Model - capture your universe - every single thought around what there is “to do” - be the loom! allow the framework of the model absorb all the details. think of this like putting your life puzzle together - the more pieces you have, the more polished your model will look! now put this model aside.
  2. Core Operating Model (Recovery Mode) - take a fresh template and give up overwhelm. Your focus now is to capture exactly how your life looks like today. You’ve taken the time to park all the “details” - now is the time to capture how your life really looks like today and see through the trees. The more items you model that speak to what you do on a day-to-day basis (esp if you are in recovery) - the more realistic your model will look. The purpose here is to ground yourself. When you see the things that are connected to your day-to-day life, reality will set in and here you have the opportunity to discover your next step without the overwhelm.
  3. while it wasn’t the case for me, if you still find yourself distracted by perhaps a small business or startup you lead or your full-time job, you may need to use this template to capture all the details of the business side of your mind: Business Model Canvas (Template) - if you are a solopreneur, focus on steps 1 and 2.

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