This page is a brief look under-the-hood, and trends a little more technical. If you're interesting in 'how it's made' or 'how to make something like this', read on.

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Tech stack, tools & services

The main setup

This website and is fully created, authored and managed in Notion (What's Notion?).

This is made possible using a tool called Fruition, which leverages Notion's page sharing feature (public URLs on their domain and made manifest using a script to rewrite web traffic via Cloudflare Workers. Check out FAQ page (What's Fruition?) and visit the website to learn more.

I'm on Notion's Personal Pro plan, which is very inexpensive and not actually necessary for what I've done here. The reason I am on this pricing tier, however, is for the 'Search engine indexing' feature, which - wheSn sharing a public page in Notion - makes that page visible for search engines to index.

I chose to use Notion/Fruition because it took next to no time to set up, and is the most transparent process I've ever come across when it comes to authoring website content. There are some limitations (and its by no means as powerful as something like Wordpress or rolling a from-scratch build), however it is perfect for my use-case. I've written more on this topic here: (Why didn't you just make this website yourself?), and also here (Why I started a website).

Supplementary features and services

My newsletter is also authored and managed here on this website ( ) using Notion; it's just like any other series of pages. I syndicate this to my readership (Join the Newsletter) using Mailchimp.

I also have some forms in order for readers to reach out: Typeform for my catch-all Get in Contact page, and I'm also trying out the Chilipepper beta (which has tight integration with Notion) for the Make a Request page.

The comments you see around the place are embedded using Commento, and that's made possible by my own experimental implementation.

For analytics I'm using Fathom as a privacy conscientious (and paid-for) alternative to Google Analytics (affiliate link for $10 off your first invoice). I also Commento for the embedded comments (another privacy conscientious paid-for service) as an alternative to Disqus and other like systems.

When I'm writing long-form content for the site, I use Notion in my browser so that I can take advantage of LanguageTool's grammar and spell-checker.

Lastly, I also make use of Rebrandly for custom shortlinks.