You can use both your mouse and keyboard to control Lifeline.

🖱️ Mouse (and trackpad)

Hold your mouse on Lifeline to expand it. Once expanded, you can do the following:

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

You can configure keyboard shortcuts in Preferences (accessible through the taskbar dropdown menu). Since many applications already use most possible combinations there are no default shortcuts in Lifeline and you need to create your own.

The below ones work well for most members of the Saent 😇 team, so feel free to copy these and see if they work for you:

💡 Pro tip: activate the hidden Developer options in the taskbar menu by holding down the option key while left-clicking the taskbar icon. You will then see a new menu item towards the bottom that allows you to turn on several options that can be useful when contacting customer support.

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Customize Lifeline in Preferences

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