Labeling Lifeline sessions helps you better understand your workflow rhythm. By assigning emoticons and/or text labels, you can track in more detail how you spend your attention and detect patterns. The combination of an emoticon plus text label gives you the flexibility to track your attention and tasks in whichever way suits your needs.

For example, you can use the emoticon to designate between different projects (one unique emoticon for each individual project) and track which project tasks you worked on using the text labels. Another way of doing it can be to use the emoticons to highlight specific categories of activities (e.g., email, writing, sales calls) and the text label to add further context.

Session label input window

There are several ways to summon the session label input window:

  1. Right-click a session (current, past, or future) on your Lifeline
  2. Set and use the Open/Close label window keyboard shortcut.
  3. Configure Lifeline to automatically show the label input window when you start or end a session (see 📈 Tracking & analysis under Preferences).

Rating sessions

Once a session has started or is finished, you can give your session a star rating from 1-5 in the session label window. This data will be included in your CSV export and you can use it to calculate a score for your sessions, days, or weeks.


Once you start typing in the session label input field, you'll notice an auto-complete function. It looks at everything you've previously entered in the field and makes suggestions as you type. Note that Lifeline will also automatically add the emoji you used previously for an entry.

History drop-down list

Click the blue, downward arrow next to the input field to open the history drop-down list.

The blue items at the top are loaded from your Calendar. All other ones are ranked based on popularity (amount of times used). Note that you can use your trackpad or scrolling wheel to extend and browse through the list.

Analyzing your session label data

There are several ways to use and analyze your session label data:

Visit the corresponding sections for more details (see Related pages and content below).

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