JournoDAO is a public good focused on protecting democracy through revitalizing community journalism. We’re seeking partnerships to pursue high-impact initiatives that help journalists embrace decentralization.

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Online News Association Conference 2022 Presentation

JournoDAO Weekly: ONA Behind Us, Blue Skies Ahead

Even If Web3 is Full of Scams, The Part That Isn’t Might Just Change Everything [Midway]

ONA Startup Alley Video

Produced by Hanaa Rifaey with ONA to explain the JournoDAO mission to participants of the conference.

JournoDAO Start-Up

Media Party 2022: Keynote and Hackathon Presentation

JournoDAO Crashes Media Party in Argentina With Web3 Bombs

JournoDAO on Twitter: "Thanks to @ICFJ @decentraland @HacksHackersBA for bringing us to Argentina and the tenth #MediaParty to talk about what the future holds for journalism and how #web3 can help. / Twitter"

Podcast Appearances

Dejourno by EurekaJohn : Taking a decentralized approach to journalism. with Journo DAO

‎DAO Talks: Eric Mack (JournoDAO) on Apple Podcasts

Ab Initio - A Bankless DAO Legal Guild Podcast - Episode 05 - Crystal Street

The Circum Podcast Episode 02 - JournoDAO is looking at journalism through a Web3 lens

DeJourno Mini Series with Crypto Sapiens | 4 Part Series