<aside> 💡 TL;DR: We have a small treasury from grants, collaborations and sales of our Founder NFT. We are looking to grow our treasury to create safety and stability for our founders as we bring our initiatives to life and the financial support to fund the further development or initial launch of our core initiatives for Q1 2023 - Q4 2024.


The Humans Behind JournoDAO

Our Founding Team

Our Founding Members consist of working and “retired” journalists and media producers. We are all active in the ImpactDAO space and some of us have been working and building in this ecosystem since 2017. We possess an expansive knowledge of both the media industry and the web3 ecosystem and together, we have a vast reach in our communities. Please go here to read our bios and see the collective reach of our DAO ecosystem involvement.

In order to fulfill our stated mission, the small founders group must be able to provide the means to support themselves and their families by working within the DAO, not outside of it.

In order to maintain the economic safety and security of our founders, we have created a basic UBI, Universal Basic Income, that will allow our founders to focus their efforts solely on the implementation of our initiatives and to enact change through outreach and sustainable and strategic community growth.

Our Ask

We have multiple scenarios for sustainability within both the founding members and the core initiatives we wish to launch with a 24 month runway of funding. An initial funding round of $1.5 million USD places us in a position of fully funding the salaries of our Founding Members. By using Opolis, we can also secure health insurance and payroll for the members and leave space in our treasury to fund the initial launch of our core initiatives.

We have a community framework in place to immediately begin offering bounties to our most active community members to help support the initiatives linked below. We believe prioritizing our members’ economic needs ensures our ability to attract the best talent and yield the highest quality work from that talent. We would rather form long term ties with talented people then increase churn to keep the quarterly costs down – costs that we believe are greater than simply keeping talent, which greatly reduces overhead and admin costs.

Therefore as our revenue increases, we’re excited to provide a UBI for our active members and working journalists. This is a long-term vision, but is written into our founding community framework.

Our Community Framework Key Takeaways document can be viewed here.

Resources Will Support the Following

Our Initiatives

Our Founding Team