<aside> 💡 TL;DR: JournoDAO is seeking support from investors and partners as a public good focused on protecting democracy by combating disinformation through regenerative community journalism and initiatives to support journalists embracing decentralization.


What We’re Building

Our Initiatives.

We have a series of initiatives that our community has identified as logical starting places to support our stated mission. We intend on funding the initial launch of, or further support of, these initiatives with our initial funding round. We also have already raised grant funds to launch several of these projects.

  1. $JOURNO Token- Developed in-house by our full stack developer and co-founder, Keith Axline, this reputation token is designed to be a form of social validation for the work of journalists and can only be purchased and gifted by a patron using our customized framework. The token also serves as a fund raiser for our treasury as the patron will purchase the tokens using Stripe and the funds are then distributed to our treasury.
  2. Marketplaces for Independent Journalists- A photojournalist’s Marketplace is already in motion, built on Artiva.app and Foundation and we are in the research and development phase of a three-part grant process from Ocean Protocol to build a comprehensive marketplace for independent journalists that could function as a feature newswire service.
  3. IRL and Virtual Educational Events. Through educational programs, workshops and incubators, we hope to onboard as many media professionals as possible to web3 and thus further support our entire industry by providing well-versed journalists who can accurately and objectively cover this industry. We have already begun this process at large traditional media events, such as Media Party in Argentina and the Online News Association annual conference last month. We are currently in talks with ONA to conduct in-person web3 workshops at their annual conference in 2023.
  4. Decentralized Reporting Project. From labor shortages, spikes in crime and homelessness to long Covid, it’s becoming clear that the lasting effects of the pandemic will continue to shape society in the years to come in unanticipated ways. A decentralized newsroom of reporters and other contributors is the ideal type of organization to help us all make sense of the fallout and help inform rebuilding. We plan to test the concepts, tools and incentive models that have seen success in other areas of Web3 to test our thesis that they can improve the process of and prospects for journalism. We are also considering other topics for the project including Data Sovereignty and Climate Change adaptation. We believe that some of these tools, such as moving journalistic processes like certain information gathering and fact-checking on chain, could yield the development if tools that are of use to other sectors outside of journalism as well.

Future Visions and Ideas

Ongoing Educational Outreach

As a community, we have also explored multiple avenues to be of service to journalists and those seeking to hire media professionals with a deep understanding of web3 and our entire ecosystem. One major issue we hope to address is the lack of knowledgeable journalists in the mainstream media who harbor the capacity to report on cryptocurrencies, DAOs and web3 protocols properly.

We view this work from multiple angles, one of which is helping facilitate mass adoption of decentralization and cryptocurrencies at the community level through grassroots educational programs designed to onboard newcomers to the technology and its implications for individuals and communities as a whole.

Professional Services

As a community, we are often approached by the larger web3 ecosystem to help with messaging, media production, public relations and editorial stories. We hope to create working pods within the DAO community as it grows that would empower working groups to become self-sufficient entities that could feasibly branch off from the core DAO and form their own journalism service DAO under our initial mentorship.


We have begun to pursue nascent partnerships with other projects like Factland and Ocean Protocol to help develop tools, ideas and talent that will provide future resources to support JournoDAO’s long-term goal. Internal projects like those listed above are also nurtured under this structure.