Lifeline's Product tour walks you through the most important aspects of the application. It launches automatically when you first open Lifeline, and you can always access it from the taskbar dropdown menu under Product tour.

Lifeline's Product tour follows a similar structure and sequence as this Knowledge Base and the Preferences menu:

  1. Set up and automation
  2. Basics
  3. Tracking
  4. Analysis
  5. Planning

You can cycle through the different stages of the tour in one go by selecting the Next Product tour πŸ‘‰οΈ button at the end of each section. Select 🏁 Finish if you prefer to take it all in at a slower pace; Lifeline will then remind you about the next Product tour section the following day.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: you revisit a section of the Product tour at any time by selecting Product tour from the taskbar dropdown menu.

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