Privacy is Sacred initiative #1

We are putting together some resources for users to raise awareness of privacy. The reason is absolutely clear. Each year billions of people make their personal, financial, occupational and familial information available in the digital world. The data we put out in the world is often exploited and we want to address this problem by educating the community on why privacy is important.

We want Sacred to have healthy discussions on how individuals can have more access to their information:

  1. How we can manage our privacy,
  2. What are the repercussions of not owning your own data, and
  3. Different tools and strategies to manage your information.

How can you help out?

This is a working document that can benefit the Sacred community as well as the web 3.0 ecosystem as a whole! We are looking for contributors who can research and share their privacy tips with the rest of the community. If this is you - please DM to MrPullbaack#9283 or VetHekTayfun#8968 on Discord about the idea you want to share. Alternatively, you can comment directly on here!


Privacy Topics

IP Address

Privacy in web 3

HTTP Cookies




VPN vs. Tor

Privacy in blockchain and Defi

How to increase privacy in Web3

Social Engineering

Types of attacks in crypto

Securing Modems and routers

How to secure wallets

DDos Attack (distributed denial of service attack)

Some Privacy Tips!

DeFi Risks

Next Topics to Cover

Please comment here to research or write about a topic you want to see or contribute!

Ex. 1. VPN vs. TOR

  1. How to balance data privacy and convenience issues(For example: discord set off dm, you can avoid receiving fraudulent links; but real people can not contact me directly)What's a better way to do it in terms of permissions and security?

Web3 security risks

Security Best Practices of Web3 Wallets