Hi there and welcome to our open community for all creators building a better future for us and our personal data! - We're glad to have you here!

Here at Liberty. Equality. Data. -community, we believe people should own, control and get the primary benefit from their personal data. Since this is not the case in the majority of the apps available for consumers today, we believe the system is broken.

Together we are solving this by building personal data apps, that run ‘fully private’ on your personal cloud.

We are contributing towards a better world for individuals to gain back ownership of their data. We help individuals be the primary users of their data getting maximum value from it while creating value for businesses too (not deeding to opt for sneaky or misuse of data to make money).

Community Projects

This page is used to document all of the projects we are working on or have built so far. It is also used as a collaboration page where you can see what your peers are working on, and how you can collaborate to help them.

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