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Apr 20, 2022

【 QLauncher infra upgrade and stop service for 1 hour】

The QLauncher infra is going to upgrade on 17:00 to 18:00 GMT+8 Apr21. During the 1hr upgrade period, the service may be showing offline status and please just ignore it.

For those miners who are in Vapour node level, we are going to add 2hrs more on your share time to prevent possible affection on your mining reward. For Water node miners, regarding the rule that the water node needs to be online for 168 hours continuously, we will also add back 2 hours in the next 8 days before making income settlement so that it won’t affect your node level.

Please also remember to check your pod status after service upgrade.

Warm regards,

Poseidon Network Team

Dec 23, 2021

【 QLauncher adjusted for QQQ App Mining status】

Since the publish of QLauncher, users found certain issue of bound QLauncher shows Online Status OFF in Mining Status of QQQ App.

However, this won’t affect users eligibilities of earning mining reward, and shall be fixed when they download QLauncher patch again.

See more detail of how to download patch if you have this issue.

Warm regards,

Poseidon Network Team


Dec 17, 2021

【 QLauncher is live to fix QQQ App node info incorrect】

Some miners has report node data shown on QQQ App was incorrect with QLauncher on Discord community.

The QLauncher is released today for correcting this issue. Users with installed may just download our patch binary instead of reinstall QLauncher.

Please check detail instruction on Github!