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Social media has shaped and changed how we explore the world and other people. We compare our bottom 5% of life with top 0.1% of others, which at times is also amplified by magnitude. Making us unhappy within, striving for things we don't care about, at least it was for me.

We are on a mission to bring back the authenticity, truth and serendipity into the world of filters, edits and scripts.

Lead the change with us.

Just discovered oQQur - what a great innovation for the current time - someone at Mixpanel

Loved by people working at forefront of tech: Google, Tesla, Zoom, Mixpanel

What we believe in...


We believe that most magical moments happen by accident in places, times and with people you don’t expect. We are building oQQur to remove the barrier of distance and make the world accessible.

Looking outside of the box.

We are proposing a new format of video that has been available for a while, but we think, have been misused. We are all used to what we are shown, while leaving us with questions of what is outside of the viewing field. When we think of it, it feels natural to move your head in space and see everything around, that's how we explore the world. That's how the new social experiences should be like - in 360°.

Magic in the moment, serendipity.

At oQQur we value the moment. Some things just come and go, being experienced once. We make those moments available to you, wherever you are, in real-time. 360° makes it even better as you can observe what would have not been captured by traditional cameras, opening a world of opportunities.

Authenticity in our DNA.

We have built oQQur with technology that inherently is authentic. As you can see everything around in real-time, there is no "behind-the-scene", no stage, no support team that you don't see. This creates reasons and foundation for authentic, true relationships between humans, filled with passion, trust, care and empathy.

Communities around people.

Communities often form around someone brave enough to look and act differently to what's defined as a 'norm'. Or simply something that many don't speak about. Maybe a more important people are those who join these leaders early and give power and support, as together they find the voice. We believe, back and support these relationships and are building oQQur in a way that would make these relationships stronger.


As with any relationship, the more context about each other we have, the more opportunities there are to find reasons to like someone, trust them, engage with them. Our creators are there for and with you, answering your public chat messages on and off the live-streams.

Respect or Ignore.

Creators are inviting everyone to their life - unfiltered. It takes enormous amount of energy, brevity and belief in society. However not everyone is like that. We have zero tolerance towards people spreading hate. We recommend engaging with those users you like and not engage those that you don't.

If you feel like us and want to get behind

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