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👋🏻 Hey, I'm Marie!

I help business owners level up their digital systems, workflow, and product ecosystems, so they can spend more time on what matters.

From managing your day-to-day, to organizing your big insights and ideas, I help folks follow through on their long-term goals and get things launched (trainings, websites, new offers…).

I’m a designer, teacher, and professional dot-connector; my superpowers include connecting seemingly disparate information, identifying valuable opportunities, and helping you create momentum in your own life.

Momentum is contagious, so I’m all about helping you get traction quickly, and reducing wasted time on things that aren’t getting results.

While my clients may call me a magician (I hear unicorn a lot too), really I just love using well crafted systems to weave our lives and businesses together.

I’ve got over a decade of experience in design, strategy, and technology, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes, helping them plan, design, and build beautiful and functional digital ecosystems that make it easier to scale.

When I began studying permaculture, I saw how so many of the principles and frameworks I was learning applied well beyond the garden, and it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about what it means to design a sustainable and resilient business.

Ultimately, I believe entrepreneurship offers us a chance to design our businesses and lives with more intention and possibility. I want to live a good life, and leave the world and the people in it better than I found it (and help my clients do the same). Otherwise, what’s the point?

I’m the host of Notion Office Hours, creator of Notion Mastery, and co-founder Oki Doki and the Course Creators Collective where we help folks create, launch, and market online courses and training programs.

When I’m not nerding out about business or Notion, you’ll find me bouldering, making delicious home-made vegetarian tacos, or working on transforming my lawn into a productive permaculture garden. I love bright tights, macchiatos, and eating all my vegetables.


Marie is a life + business operations designer who helps entreneurs and small teams level up their digital systems, workflow, and product ecosystems, so they can spend more time on what matters. She's the creator of Notion Mastery, an online program to help folks use Notion to live and work better.


<aside> 🎓 E D U C A T I O N

Honours Bachelor of Design York U/Sheridan College

Design Thinking and Innovation Certificate UVA, Darden School of Business

Permaculture Design Certificate


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