User-generated groups


  1. (P1) Anyone can create a group and add people to it
    1. Each group gets its own page where its own feed of markets is displayed, a chat wall for those in the group, and rankings for those who’ve profited the most in the groups’ markets
      1. What if multiple people go to create a ‘physics’ group? Should we just generate a unique tag and the group name appears the same?
    2. joining a group signs you up for market creation and resolution notifications for that group
    3. Where?
      1. Replaces /Home with a group for All & each category

      2. Replaces /Portfolio as each group will have its own portfolio calcs

      3. new icon at the bottom & in sidebar

        1. In sidebar it could be like

          Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 5.10.31 PM.png

          Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 5.10.57 PM.png

      4. Groups list could be ordered by which group you visited last or the one that most recently received a message

  2. (P2):
    1. assign tags leaderboards

Ian’s notes

when I invite someone to manifold, I think the best experience they could have is to see markets that I’ve made/curated for their interests. If I’m inviting a friend it’ll be markets about things they’re interested in. If they’re a rationalist it’ll be markets about ACX, or EA topics, etc. If they’re a goofy, fun-loving friend they might be about our other friends’ chances at getting a girlfriend, or job, or what we’ll do for their birthday. The groups can be ephemeral, like markets created just for their birthday party