0. In-app Notifications

[Austin] Yup, in-app notifications are absolutely lacking in our site :P

1. Trade Log => Volume Chart


[Austin] Agreed that the trade log is pretty noisy; could condense to a comments-only view, and have a volume chart. (Or maybe hide it altogether? I'm noticing that more "consumer" fintech sites like Robinhood/Coinbase don't include it at all)

[James] The most useful info from the trade log is the most recent activity for the market. You want to know

The normal graph is somewhat a substitute, but not really. The volume chart fills this need, I think, but might be hard to decipher for regular folks.

Maybe we could have one line with the 24 hour volume: e.g. “$50 YES and $10 NO bets in last 24 hours”. If that volume is 0, then instead show 24 hours from the most recent bet: “$20 YES and $5 NO bets 7 days ago”

[Akhil] Yes, a few different options to retire the full trade log. Could do with or without the volume chart, or even integrate it into the main chart (see screenshot).

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.47.32 AM.png

Though to take a step back, generally what I’d like to know is:

There are a few different design elements that can communicate most or all of this without adding to the noise or using too much text.

2. Profile + My Trades => Portfolio


[Austin] I've wanted to do this for a while now haha; both "merging Your Trades as a tab in your profile" and "replacing Your Trades with a table/spreadsheet". Thanks for including the screenshot - curious, what site is that?