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Import Mai 13, 2020

Import Sep 3, 2020

Select the πŸ”₯Update #35/36 (all new InkAmigo brushes) view to see all new brushes in their new and updated Import Mai 13, 2020.

Click on a .brushset like Comic Inker to open the documentation page with demo videos, preview images, cheat sheets, reference artwork, brush features, sample strokes etc.

For many of my favorite brushes like the 𝖦𝗏𝖢 π–¨π—‡π—„π– π—†π—‚π—€π—ˆ INKROYABLE JACOBININK 𝖼𝗍 π–―πŸ§.brush (from the new InkAmigos.brushset) you'll find cheat sheets, demo brush strokes, and reference artwork on their respective detail pages. More images, videos, and brush features will follow:

Select the πŸ‘€GALLERY: Brush Demos and Cheat Sheets view from the Import Sep 3, 2020 database.

GvW Procreate MEGAPACK Thumbnails Filelists (09Sep2020 v21.2).pdf

TIP: Download this searchable PDF with with thumbnail previews for all .brushset and .brush files. This updated version includes all color .swatches too! πŸ™‚Save/print it as quick reference and for project documentation (personal, non-commercial use only).

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How To Download & Batch Import Brushes?

#GeorgBrushes Wiki

Currently, I'm also updating my old MegaPack BrushBook while setting up this knowledge base with more demos, new brush features, themed collections, and classic Procreate bundles. Follow step-by-step instructions for downloading & importing brushes. Jump directly to .brush and .brushset documentation pages, check out high resolution reference artwork, learn tips & tricks:

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