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In this online documentation I collected tips & tricks for installing and using my Procreate MegaPack XXL brushes:

You'll also find lots of reference artwork, handy cheat sheets, videos & images with brush stroke demos for popular brushes from my different sets, theme bundles, and free MegaPack updates.

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Import Sep 3, 2020

Import Mai 13, 2020

GvW Procreate MEGAPACK Thumbnails Filelists (09Sep2020 v21.2).pdf

TIP: Download this searchable PDF with with thumbnail images for all .brushset and .brush files. This updated version includes images of all color .swatches too! 🙂 Save/print it as quick reference and for project documentation (personal, non-commercial use only).

All Brushes + Free Updates: $15.00 USD ("Pay What You Want")

Procreate MEGAPACK XXL: 1600+ Premium Brushes incl. FREE Lifetime Updates


How To Download, Browse & Install Brushes?

IMPORTANT: Some downloads are compressed as a .ZIP file archive. Please **unzip all downloads ending with ".zip"** before you can import the included .brush/.brushset files into Procreate.

To get started, how are you installing Procreate brushes?

Quick installation: Batch import multiple files

TIP: For importing all brushes, multiple brush sets or selected sets, I recommend one of the following methods:

How to install different file types?