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All Hands Meeting 04/Mar/2021


This is not the first nor the last public health emergency we will face. Despite this very real risk, information connecting individuals, communities, or organizations working on pandemic-related issues or projects is highly fragmented—especially at the local level.

While one can find information and trackers geared at the national level or higher, it is difficult to get the information you need to make vital connections in your community. If you want to offer help, you don't know how or where to offer it. If you need to find help, it tends to be time-consuming, exhausting, and inefficient to find it as the initiatives are focused on a specific need. For example, you may find an app to help with groceries, but would have to seek support somewhere else if you require help with mental health as well. Moreover, the fragmentation makes it equally challenging for governments, communities, researchers, companies, mutual-aid groups, volunteers and local leaders to coordinate effective responses and exchange knowledge that could be applied elsewhere in the world. All together, this puts communities and, ultimately, humanity at risk.

Think of FightPandemics as the daughter of an altruistic Reddit and AngelList who was raised by GoFundMe.


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Our Vision and Mission



We are creating an altruistic meta-platform that facilitates the connection and exchange of information between individuals and/or organizations that need help with those that are providing help and vice versa. The way that we are going to bootstrap our platform, is by listing thousands of projects and initiatives that are tackling COVID-19 pandemic. For our MVP, the application will count with 3 main modules (Help board, COVID info, COVID symptom checker) and 2 modules for V2 (Actions within help board, DAO capabilities)