Fall 2022, Monday 12:10 - 2:40 PM in Room 411

(Class on 10/10 Indigenous Peoples’ Day will be rescheduled)

Instructor: Nuntinee Tansrisakul (Nun), nt1475@nyu.edu

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Code: https://editor.p5js.org/feelingpatterns/sketches

Course description

This class investigates the emotional impact of patterns in our lives, computational techniques in crafting patterns, and ways in which these patterns can be translated into experiences that can be felt. We will play with our brains’ trained pattern recognition mechanisms such as time, grid systems and musical patterns.

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Aga, Adnan

Elix, Sarah

Cyr, Stephen

Hodge, La'Kay

Hu, Bei

Huang, Tuan

No, Chaski

Lan, Yi-Chun

Lee, Yu-Ying

Lu, Julia

Makin, Priyanka

Qi, Yuxuan

Sodre, Pedro

Wai, Daniel

Whelihan, Gracy

Zhao, Keer


Readings and videos: These materials are mandatory. We will be discussing and dissecting them in class.

Weekly observations: Write up a few sentences about an observed pattern.

Assignment I. STUDIES: Materialize your observations.

Assignment II. FINAL PROJECT: Decode a pattern and create an experience to reveal it, or create composition.