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What is knowledge?

In order to understand what is KCS we need to learn what is knowledge in the first place. And ancient Greek is a good place to start, I think maybe the best. So philosophers of that age frequently asked questions: what does it mean to know or not to know something. To what extent I know? Aiming to the core of how much do I know currently? How did I get this knowledge? And does it have a limit?

Looking at these propositions, the following concepts of types of knowledge are born:

So what is it to know something? Knowledge is usually born from a belief into something. And to know is the ability to explain our beliefs using logic, sound arguments and evidence. Any belief to become a true knowledge needs to have a factual and sound ground under itself that is supported by reasoning and facts that could be checked. So the concept of knowledge lies somewhere between a belief and truth. It is also much smaller than both of them.




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