How to start a digital garden

In your case, you tried planting seeds on a specified domain and they haven't grown. The reason I think is uncomfortable environment. Next stage in Notion. The Garden looks much prettier there and more structured.

About structure, though I am not a fan of anything structured, in this case I find it useful at least in the beginning.

So it became circular. Everything is interdependent, that's why it is the most difficult KSC of all.

<aside> ❗ An important thing is to make a newsfeed at the top or bottom of the page, so people who are reading you won't need to spend any time browsing whole garden again. Just click and dive into what've been updated.


As I've been toying with an idea of digital garden a thought occurred, at some point in time I'll have to create deeper categories. It's not ok to file all ideas in one column it could get clumsy and so loooong.

On telegram, we had a discussion about DG format in what could they grow and how several DG could be intertwined into a semblance of the system and this idea had occurred to me.





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