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⭐️ Speed is everything Live on 5x speed, operate on a faster time clock Prioritise work that delivers short-term wins, be impatient Be on a deadline. Budget time for tasks. Fixed time, variable outcome Say no frequently. Decline meetings, intros, features, partnerships Spend the most time on the most important things Async first. Schedule meeting only if needed and end them early Hire for immediate impact

⭐️ Hungry for self-improvement Become the best at what you do. Beat your yesterday version Set a high bar. Challenge yourself to do more, better, faster Set impossible goals, impose constraints, seek discomfort Push each other to higher levels. Expect more from yourself and from your teammates Get feedback daily. Try, measure, learn. Make it safe to give and receive critical feedback Use pressure as fuel. The best solutions come from solving the hardest problems Even with incomplete information, operate with confidence, act with conviction If there is a problem that you can't solve yourself, ask for help. Don't wait! There are no stupid questions. Be like a baby, ask 400 questions per day Find like-minded people from whom you can learn daily Prove the critics wrong

⭐️ Fall in love with Web3 Active dog fooding, using own products ****Don’t blindly accept every web3 trend, but find things that resonate deeply Promote open standards, interoperability, permissionless innovation Share the upside, blend together the roles of employee, owner, and customer Value creation over value capture Rethink the norms. Best practices from web2 aren't good enough

⭐️ Practice self-care Bring high energy. Do what excites. Optimism as a force multiplier Don’t work when you feel down. If you feel inspired, work. If you feel tired, rest Recharge often. Take one or more weeks off every quarter Take personal days offs, no reason required Advocate for yourself, ask for things that will make you happier at work Go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm Be an athlete: stay fit, eat well, sleep well — that's a part of your job description

⭐️ Communicate with intensity Get to the point in the first sentence Go through agenda fast. Ask 50 questions in 10 mins, make 30 decisions in 30 minutes Debate, disagree, seek truth The best truth sometimes hurts, get to it anyway Say it with numbers and deadlines Be proactive. Manage your manager, treat them like a permanently distracted 5yo baby Argue with your manager, reject meaningless tasks Raise critical issues early, get on the call when needed Express criticism at the level of details, don’t over-generalize

⭐️ Build in public Share the earliest versions of your work Start with a doc, collaborate in a chat, present on a livestream Open up to contributions, internal and external Actively seek critical feedback

⭐️ Get inspired by iconic sports teams Be like the best teams in NBA, Dota, soccer, and other sports Find ways to work and spend time with people who give you energy Build deep, meaningful relationships with a few people on the team Celebrate each others’ success Whatever the outcome for the company, best friendships stay for life

⭐️ Co-design our culture Our culture is set by the core team, external contributors, customers, and investors ****What values would you add this list? What would you change here?


What startups should we study as great references for team culture? Any culture values you would personally recommend to add/consider? Any content on the topic of team culture you recommend?

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