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🚀 Founded Oct 11, 2021

Remote-first team of 80+ people

🏦  $1M preseed round · Oct’21 🏦  $10.5M seed round · Jan’22

Help launch a million DAOs

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Superdao **is an all-in-one DAO platform that makes it easy to start and operate decentralized autonomous organizations. With Superdao, people can create a DAO in one click, add and customize smart contracts, use a built-in member directory, treasury dashboard, contributor management, and newsfeed + do even more with third-party apps

Open Roles

*Coming Soon*

<aside> 🦸 No formal openings at the moment You can still apply proactively via Telegram or **jobs@superdao.co** with your best achievements



We are building an intense-yet-kind culture to deliver high-impact products in record times


Speed is everything

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We live at 5x speed and work at a faster pace. We always meet deadlines and don't hesitate to say NO to unnecessary tasks, meetings, features, and partnerships


Hungry for self-improvement

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We want to become the best at what we do. Every day we try to do something impossible, become a better version of ourselves, and set the bar high


Fall in love with Web3

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We love the world of Web3, but do not blindly accept every web3 trend — we try find things that resonate deeply. Promote open standards, interoperability, permissionless innovation


Practice self-care

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We take care of ourselves and bring high energy with us. We don’t work when we feel down, work, if we feel inspired and rest If we feel tired