<aside> 🧩 This is an internal document that establishes the hierarchy of needs of Gitcoin grantees. The outlined needs and their priority level will inform what work we do for grantees.

Need 1 is the highest priority, Need 4 is the lowest.


Need 1: Onboarding to Gitcoin grants 📃

Before someone can participate in Gitcoin, they must onboard as a grantee. In terms of interacting with Gitcoin, this is the highest priority because a grantee cannot do anything unless they know they are eligible for a Gitcoin grant and then onboard.

Current gaps in this need:


Create a comprehensive onboarding document for grantees (see here)

Need 2: Getting the most out of a grants round 💲

Becoming a grantee is just the first step. For a grantee to actually raise money and get the most out of a Gitcoin grants round, they must learn and take intentional steps.

Current gaps in this need: