A decentralized personal data management tool



What does your product do?

My Crypto Profile (MCP), the PoC (Prove of Concept) application of aggregated identity developed by the Litentry team, it’s a decentralized Web3 personal data management tool designed for users to aggregate and manage their personal data in both Web2.0 services & Web3.0 blockchains and decentralized storage systems. With MCP, users are enabled to provide data access to 3rd party dApps to maximize personal identity value without compromising privacy & anonymity.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

How does your product set aside from your competition?

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

Our current roadmap is focused on the next 3-6 months and covers the shift from a centralized proof of concept toward a trustless decentralized service that provides verifiable credentials for cross-chain identity owners. The MCP framework needs to run on the Litentry blockchain, a decentralized identity aggregation protocol that supports privacy computation. The core components are the MCP Client and the Litentry Blockchain.


More discussion in our discord channel: https://discord.gg/wXtj2UuedP