Welcome to the Human Restoration Project Ops Center, a space to take action on implementing a progressive, human-centered education system across the world.

Getting Started

Before volunteering, please familiarize yourself with the following information:

About Us

What does HRP do?

Organization Principles

Volunteering at Human Restoration Project

Streaming & Fundraising

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Utilize the following categories to learn more about furthering HRP’s endeavors:




Assisting in design, artwork, music creation, and other creative endeavors.



Assisting in partnerships, event hosting, and social media campaigns.



Assisting in reaching out to schools, fundraising, and informing our work.



Assisting in transcription/translation, copy-editing, data entry, and more.

Want to meet “face-to-face”?

We’re organizing our next ops volunteer meet-up in the coming weeks. Fill out this form to sign-up!

Call for Contributors

We’re publishing 1-2 paid artists or writers each month. We’re highly interested in having young people, family, and community members getting involved in this process!

Selected contributors will receive $100 for contributing to HRP, and those works will be shared with our audience. All works distributed are Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike, meaning that these works can be referenced by open access websites with attribution. You retain full ownership of your work, but we ask for 4 week exclusivity on our platform.