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Choosing a coach is an important and personal decision. I recommend reading the following two resources:

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How to Reach Me

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Hey, I'm Andy.


After 10+ years as a founder leading companies, I decided to be a coach to help other founders navigate the challenges of a leader's inner and outer game.

Before coaching, I co-founded Mattermark (as COO) and Holloway (as CEO).

I love working with individual CEOs, founders, & executives as they scale from “wiggles of product-market-fit” to IPO.

You can read more about me here or in my Operating Manual: Andy Sparks.

Working with Me in a Nutshell

There’s a lot of variability in what you get from different coaches. I love working with founders who are at or near product-market-fit, because once you hit PMF, you’ll have to learn a ton. You’ll have to hire and do what will feel like an impossible amount of things at once. I love working through that phase with founders, and I spend a ton of my non-session time studying how to simplify the process of learning how to manage (1) yourself, (2) your team, and (3) your business.

Clients most often tell me they value the following three things about working with me:

  1. Listening: I always start with listening and asking questions to help you get a better understanding of what’s going on. Some people say this reminds them of therapy, but I’m not a therapist.
  2. Practical Experience & Advice: Having founded and built three companies (and coached founders of 20+ others), I’ve seen a lot of a patterns and built up a huge library of mental models, playbooks, and more that I can pull out if the moment calls for it.
  3. Range: While the vast majority of my conversations with clients are about their businesses and the people in them, sometimes the thing blocking you from getting what you want has to do with another part of your life, like your relationship. Again, I’m not a therapist, but clients often tell me how useful it is to be able to spend some time in a session talking about something other than their company.

My Training

I studied to be a coach with The Hudson Institute of Coaching and am a Hudson Certified Coach.

Hudson is an eight month training program that involves reading over 30 books, being supervised by professional faculty in real sessions, and completing 50 hours of coaching.


Beyond Hudson, I've worked with over 30 founders in a variety of industries and stages—from SaaS to flying robots and from just one employee all the way over 300. Across those clients I've coached for over 750 hours in sessions.

Additionally, I am constantly learning and honing my craft through further certifications, trainings, and courses.

Where to Find me Online