A poem written by the Notion AI

A template so clean and sleek A guide to follow, no need to seek A roadmap to success it provides A structure to make our work thrive

Best practices and tips galore To help us improve and explore DI proposals and state of the UI To ensure our code is always high

A list of awesomeness to discover Design patterns and bookmarks to uncover From architecture to code generators The knowledge we need, it delivers

So here's to the Notion Template Our go-to guide, our saving grace May it lead us to greatness And help us conquer any challenge we face


<aside> 🪪 Me, The Author



<aside> 📎 Check out this GitHub repository for a Typescript & React template based on the Clean architecture principles.


Battle-Tested Practices

Proposal: Maintainable Architecture for React applications

use(State) of the UI


Articles Worth Reading

Clean Architecture on Frontend

Achieve dependency inversion with NodeJs, Typescript, and tsyringe






Code Generators