Are you an architecture enthusiast looking to dive into the fascinating world of software architecture? Look no further! This document is a treasure trove of resources that will take you on an exciting journey through various architectural concepts.

Explore reference architectures and best practices to guide you in creating robust and maintainable applications. Delve into clean architecture, where you'll learn how to structure your codebase for maximum flexibility and reusability. Discover the power of domain-driven design, which emphasises building always-valid domain models.

Whether you're interested in React, TypeScript, or dependency inversion, there's something here for you. From informative blog posts to GitHub repositories, these links will keep you engaged and inspired. So grab a coffee, sit back, and embark on this architectural adventure. Happy exploring!

Reference Architecture

Best Practises

React + TS Best Practices

Proposal: Maintainable Architecture for React applications

Design Patterns


Modelling and Documenting the Software Architecture

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture on Frontend

Serverless Clean Architecture & Code with Domain-Driven Design 🚀

Clean Coder Blog

Clean architecture series - Part 3

A quick introduction to clean architecture