I never expected myself to replace my 2007 MacBook with the iPad Pro. In fact, I was all set to buy a 2020 MacBook and in the last moments, a lightbulb went off in my head. I really could use the IPad Pro as my primary computing device and inherit all the innovation I missed out on since being disappointed with my original iPad purchase in 2010.

The [[Apple Pencil]] is what makes this device shine - it feels great to explore handwriting and drawing again. I’m even learning to write Thai again 🙏🏼

1% of the time, I turn to my MacBook (click to see use cases)

Current config

I primarily use my iPad Pro as a “laptop replacement” - only turning to a MacBook for gaps (which should be filled by 2023)



my gripes are very far and in-between...


comment in regards to when macOS is coming to the iPadPro:

while we all love flexibility, if the "focus" is one of the benefits, Apple will stand there as long as possible just like they stood in "no App Store" or "no stylus" or "no mouse support" so ppl could experience what's possible!