Current goal

Phase out the use of a laptop (in the “traditional” sense)


I’m proud to keep a 2007 MacBook alive in 2020. I bought a black, mid-2007 top-of-line MacBook in Thailand and it kicked the bucket in 2020 and very grateful to transition to a second-hand white MacBook that uses exactly the same hardware whose CPU is maybe 10% slower.

This is a non-issue given my primary use of the machine appears to be file management (a la the Finder) in OS X (El Capitan) and executing the occasional “desktop use case” I can’t perform on my iPad Pro.

I need to acquire a used webcam (max budget: $30) so I have a backup video conferencing solution. (though admittedly I am more likely to use my Pixel for portability reasons)

I’m proud to be running [[Linux]] ([[Ubuntu]]) and just for kicks, I’m figuring out how to get Win10 working (though to be honest, I really despise Windows after attempting to fix my friend’s laptop - I ended up recommending she use Ubuntu!)

The 1%

  1. desktop [[Chrome]] (I am actively moving to desktop Safari)
  2. Zoom
  3. OSX (not daily)
  4. Linux (not daily)
  5. Windows (rarely)


Managing Time Machine when you replace drives or computers | Creative Tech Support