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In September and October 2020, PUBLIC supported LOTI to create guidance for LOTI member boroughs on how to improve and bring innovation into technology procurements.

The guidance was designed to be used by a range of officials involved in procurement activity, and by an array of London boroughs (17) with varying degrees of procurement capability.

This summary report provides an overview of:

  1. Engagement - which boroughs and suppliers we spoke to
  2. Findings - what we heard about the technology procurement process
  3. Methodology - how we decided to identify, structure and prioritise the guidance required
  4. Recommendations - the actions we believe LOTI could take next to support members to procure technology better

1. Engagement

Borough Engagement


We conducted two rounds of interviews with officials from London boroughs, both LOTI and non-LOTI members. In total we interviewed 30 officials from 12 London boroughs (LOTI employees can access a full list online here):

The first round of interviews was aimed at engaging senior level figures (CIO & CDO) responsible for strategic planning concerning technology procurement and digital transformation. These consultations contributed towards contextual understanding and provided insight into the key priorities in technology procurement for London councils. Key themes covered in these discussions include procurement strategy and planning, cross-borough collaboration efforts, market engagement approaches and managing existing suppliers and contracts. 11 such interviews were conducted with 20 individuals.

The second round of interviews was aimed at operational staff in borough procurement and IT teams, to gain a deeper understanding of pain points in the procurement process and the potential scope for innovation therein. Key themes covered in these discussions include contract and supplier management, procurement and contracting routes, contract design and data access and API requirements. 9 such interviews were conducted, with 10 individuals.

All Member Workshop