Wavefront brings Bluetooth MIDI to all Euroracks! Seamlessly connect your tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth MIDI enabled device to your modular synths. Step away from your patch and play it from afar.

Originally developed as a dedicated receiver unit for Wave, Wavefront raison d'être has always been to bring expressive motion control into Eurorack systems. A new firmware update expands on the Wavefront's potential by translating MIDI from any Bluetooth MIDI device to CV to control or automate parameters in your Eurorack system.

Wavefront can operate as a Bluetooth LE host and connect to a variety of wireless MIDI devices, e.g., keyboards like the CME Xkey Air, expressive controllers like the Roli Seaboard and Blocks, or even older hardware synths using CME WIDI Master, adding new interesting ways of interacting with modular systems.

Additionally, Wavefront can operate as a Bluetooth LE peripheral and connect to your computer, tablet or other host device, allowing you to control your modular like any other MIDI device. Use your phone/tablet as an XY pad. Sequence your modular synths or automate CV through Ableton Live. Trigger/gate your modules from your phone. Connect your standalone hardware (e.g. MPC Live) to your modular synth without any cables. The possibilities are endless!

To use Wavefront with BLE MIDI devices other than Wave you need to update Wavefront to its newest firmware. See Firmware update for details.

Connecting Wave or other BLE MIDI capable instruments

  1. Turn on your instrument, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and it's searching for a host.
  2. Keep your instrument close to Wavefront as Wavefront connects to the Bluetooth device nearest to it.
  3. Press the button on Wavefront.
  4. Your instrument is connected when Wavefront's LED shines a steady light.

Connecting a tablet, phone or a computer

  1. To connect, make sure your device has Bluetooth turned on.
  2. On your device, under Bluetooth configuration, find Wavefront and press "connect".
  3. Your device is connected when Wavefront's LED shines a steady light.

MIDI Configuration