Learning Resources

When the Apple developer community embraced SwiftUI last year, designers like me were inspired to code. I've spent the last year learning SwiftUI and these are resources I wish I had when I started.

I've wanted to code my own App for ever. A year or so ago, the creative power of Swift evolved in a magical way becoming so intuitive that designers felt empowered to code.

The SwiftUI community is incredibly generous and the learning resources are abundant. Still, I've found myself challenged. I made this list of lessons for myself but then realized it might help someone else attempting to learn to code an iOS App. And, I'd like to give back to this community that has helped me so much. Thank you to all who have contributed your knowledge, let me know what I have missed here as I'm sure there is plenty.

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Ongoing Sources: Teachers, References and Courses

Daily Discovery

"SwiftUI" (YouTube)

"SwiftUI" News (Google)

**"SwiftUI" News (Bing)**

Twitter #SwiftUI

Reddit SwiftUI


Swift News | Tibor Bödecs

Swift news - The.Swift.Dev.



Dave Verwer's iOS Dev Weekly

Every single Friday delivery | nearing 500 editions | 💯

iOS Dev Weekly - The best iOS development links, every Friday

TwoStraws, Paul Hudson (HackingWithSwift, 100Days...) Updates every 2 weeks-ish | Highly informative

Swift Developer News - Hacking with Swift

SwiftUI Weekly - Revue

Updates weekly

SwiftUI Weekly - Revue

Some of my favorite tutorials

Shapes from max codes:


SwiftUI Drawing Tutorial - Draw Shapes in Swift with Path, addLine, CGPoint, LinearGradient. (2019)