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Among the courses I taught at the University of Illinois, I received student evaluations for Intro to Psychology, where I was the main instructor, and Statistical Methods, where I was an instructing graduate TA. Both courses seemed to have struck a favorable chord with my students; specifically, I have been ——

In addition to the official quantitative evaluation services provided by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, I also collected students' anonymous written feedback as qualitative data to capture the holistic student experience in my courses. Here are some quotes from my Intro to Psychology students:

I think all of the concepts were VERY well explained by your examples, and they really helped me understand the concepts better.

You were a great TA. You put in so much work to make this class enjoyable and easier to learn, especially with your memes and videos!

This class was very difficult for me, but you were always very helpful and so, so, so kind! Thank you for all of your help this semester 🙂

I really enjoyed the class and loved your upbeat attitude when teaching all of the concepts.

I really enjoy your memes. Your humor helped me memorize the concepts!

I loved your enthusiasm for each lecture!

I really liked the videos you showed us. They helped me understand how concepts and principles apply to real life. It made the course more captivating. Also, I've started to apply everything that we've learned in real life, most of the time subconsciously. It's changed my view on a lot of things.