This section covers the key things that need to be done first as you embark upon a new technology procurement. They include getting your timelines and governance process aligned and engaging with stakeholders internally and externally to scope out user and business needs. The third section provides guidance on how to come together and identify common needs and contracting timelines with boroughs and potentially approach the market jointly. The fourth and fifth sections refer to getting the most out of the supplier market, including how to run innovation processes when what you are looking for is not available on the market. Finally, we provide guidance for two special cases of technology procurement. First, we give an outline for how to achieve greatest value for money and service quality through resellers. Second, we provide an introduction to some of the capabilities offered by low/no-code tools.

Plan for the Procurement Process Effectively

Engage Stakeholders to Define Business Needs and Outcomes

Aggregate Purchasing Demand With Other Boroughs

Engage Deeply With the Supplier Market

Consider Pre-Commercial Procurement

Find the Best Reseller For Desired Solutions

Consider Low-Code in Your Delivery Model Assessment

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