What’s in the box?

Required Tools

Video Tutorial


Set Up Your Base Station

  1. First make sure the Doorbell battery is fully charged.

  2. Open the Nooie App, tap Cam, then tap + plus sign on the top right

  3. Tap Add Camera

  4. Tap Nooie Cam Doorbbell

  5. Tap Next

  6. Tap Next

  7. Plug in the Base Station. When the blue light flashes, tap LED Flashing Blue.

  8. Enter your WiFi name and password, and tap Next.

    WiFi Tips!

  9. Tap Go to Connect to connect your phone to the base station hotspot. It can take 20s-40s to connect your Base Station.

  10. After connecting to WiFi, you will connect the Doorbell.

Connect Base Station to Doorbell