A social design advocate is someone who can see consequences of a social design that others might miss: especially negative consequences for individuals or societies. We train these advocates, and we find work for them. Advocates in our training program learn about human values, the evolution of social norms in a system, and the structural features which make it easier or harder for participants in a system to live and interact in the ways they value.

Structural Features


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We've been improving the Human Systems trainings for the last 3 years. Our school has trained 300+ well-positioned product people in our design methods and metrics. Our alumni have applied our methods at Facebook, Github and Apple; they've changed product direction at startups, and redesigned smaller systems like schools, co-living settlements, and families.

Learn to see consequences of social designs that others miss. Take HS101 Deluxe.

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HS202: Monitoring for Values and How They’re Working Out 

HS201: Redesigning Large Social Systems around Values

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